More about FGM

Thank you all for writing in, in support of the campaign to end female genital mutilation in India.  I just want to  say that the idea is not to target one particular community but to raise awareness about a practice that is harmful for women, physically and mentally.

I am posting some links on FGM from around the world which I found interesting. I had posted them at the end of my last blog but they need to highlighted as they offer useful insight into the practice elsewhere in the world. It would be great if you could post links to the issue as well.

Let’s keep the campaign going!

FGM in Pakistan – published in the Newsline, written by Farahnaz Zahidi Moazzam

FGM in the United States, by Mariya Tahar

To hear the presentation, click on Session One: Women and Violence –

One thought on “More about FGM

  1. Great work. Continue to spread awareness of this dangerous practice.

    Monday is the International Day Against Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting, and we are featuring stories about the positive change in eliminating this practice. It is harmful and dangerous, leaving many horrifying consequences. If you want, read more here:
    If you have a story you want to feature, let us know! And join the discussion on Facebook and Twitter as well!

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