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Charu Khandal’s condition is still critical.  Doctors say they cannot operate on her until the swelling in her spine subsides. She is on ventilator support. Meanwhile the driver of the Honda City that rammed into her cannot be found at the address he had given to the police.

Charu’s friends have started an online campaign to spread awareness against drunk driving and the need for stringent laws. Do support their campaign. Click

5 thoughts on “Join the Campaign

  1. Thank you Shai. it would be really nice if we could generate some financial help for Charu and Vikrant’s treatments. They both come from middle class families and cannot afford such expensive treatments. it would be great if they can get some financial help.

    • Hi Mauli, you are welcome. I think the least we can do for Charu and her family is to not let this fade away as yet another drunk driving incident. Do send a email ID or number where people can contact the family with help

  2. Our prayers are with Charu and Vikrant and their families.

    I vote for a jail sentence for the driver, revoking his license and a supension of the holiday court judge.

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