Remembering Shaima Alawadi & Trayvon Martin

Let Us..

Hide our bindis. It makes some people “physically and mentally sick” and can get one’s car windows smashed.

Not wear turbans because only terrorists do that and we can be gunned down.

Shave off our beards. It makes you appear alien, attracts laughter and derision.

Remove our head scarves and hijabs. It could get pulled off while you are grocery shopping. Or you could get beaten to death like California mother Shaima Alawadi.

Take off our hoodies. It looks “suspicious” and can get you killed. Look what happened to 17-year-old Trayvon Martin as he walked back home from a grocery store.

Hide who we love.  You could be killed for violating caste boundaries or going against someone’s culture.

 To sum up.  Let us hide our differences, submerge the identities that makes each and every one of us unique.

To acknowledge and embrace diversity, in language, religion, thought and belief, can be challenging, even scary.

 So much safer to live in our cubby-holes of prejudice, of hate, and judge the world around us.

8 thoughts on “Remembering Shaima Alawadi & Trayvon Martin

  1. True and strong words. The question is, how many of us are willing to stand up and stand out – when you know your life could be threatened?
    Are we willing to tell our kids to stand out and face it, no matter what? I think the sad fact is that the differences between enthnicity are here to stay – and people just feel threatened to see a “foreign” being in their territory.
    The day that changes – that truly will be an educated world.

    Keep the thoughts flowing. I am reading every single word.

  2. And journalists who stand behind these prejudices and justify them. Shameful, the people we are made to live along with in this world.
    Lovely, strong sentiment.

  3. I believe, it is the culture or rather the value system that raises the kids, making them believe that they are the best, that others are jealous, that they are perfect and others are not, that anyone who doesn’t look like them is an enemy, anyone of another faith is a sinner, that is your personal property and no one else can know him any other way, that Hitler was a bad man but raising them to be Hitler. Anyone who goes after others and picks on them for being different or not as ‘perfect’ as them or for being as ‘perfect’ as them or for being better than them, is no less than the ‘perfect’ Hitler…. Before we all start preaching, let us today look into our souls and homes, and see if in the process of hating Hitler and his lookalikes are we turning into him, spot the ‘Hitler’ in the house and talk to him, make him understand that we are all humans, then are all mammals, then are all from the animal kingdom, then we belong to the living beings, that all equally belong on this earth, that in the universe’s big scheme of things we are a spec, (if u r religious the universe is still a spec in God’s design), Let us look into ourselves today, then into our family and our neighbourhood. If we all do that, these things wouldn’t happen.. have a wonderful year ahead everyone.. 🙂

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