An inspiring blog from Ghana. There are many lessons in this for India. Africa, like India, is a male-dominated society, with men making all the critical decisions, both within a family and in political life. Which means that women and their concerns, get the short shrift.

Girls' Globe

Ghana is among the countries with National elections scheduled for later this year.  Having been in the country working on a Gender-related project for the past seven months, my natural inclination has been to look for how Candidates are addressing the particular needs of women and girls in their party manifestos.

What I have noticed is a lot of rhetoric about addressing women’s issues and promoting gender equality, but without the same concrete plans of action that accompany promises of improving the economy and addressing issues impacting youth.

Creating a Women’s Manifesto for Ghana

In 2003, the Women’s Manifesto for Ghana, spearheaded by the Regional Office of West Africa for ABANTU for Development aimed to address the lack of women’s representation in Ghanaian politics and consequently the failure to give due attention to the needs of women and girls.

ABANTU uses outreach, training and advocacy to equip women with…

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